Moncure, NC

Tell us about yourself 
Hey y’all, I’m 27 years young & have been happily married to the love of my life since may 17th 2014. I work full time as an accountant at a CPA firm and just finished up my first term of my Masters of Accountancy program only a million more to go. (At least that’s what it feels like) I am a proud dog mommy to the cutest Siberian husky ever Rhumba! Yes he is very spoiled a pretty much runs the house. We got him when he was about one from the rescue he is now 4 ½!

What makes you a Southerndoe?
I am a complete southern belle with the accent to go with it. That’s actually what my husband loved most about me since he was a Yankee and all! I love me some country music especially Hank Williams Jr. And of course, I am a total daddy’s girl! Oh and I love everything pumpkin and the Christmas season!

We know you’re a Huntress!  What is your favorite thing about Hunting?
I would have to say my favorite thing about hunting I would have to be the crisp autumn mornings spent with good friends. Of course, the meat that came from our hunts was always a great thing as well. Deer jerky is definitely my favorite.

What are some of your other favorite outdoor activities?
Well as you already know I love hunting even though I haven’t been in a few years. I love going horseback riding and mudding. I enjoy tailgating and going to concerts and football games on the weekends! On cool fall and winter nights there is nothing better than sitting around a bonfire with family and friends with a cold beer in your hand. In the winter months I love hitting the slopes and getting my ski on! I also love going to the beach and laying out getting my tan on with a cold one in my hand!

Winter lover or Summer lover? Why?
Hmmmm, that is a tough one, because I love them both! They both have some of my most favorite activities! Summer has my concerts and I love going to those. Also I can go the beach which is my favorite! But winter has my football, skiing, hunting season and bonfires! So I guess going off of that than I am a winter lover!

What's your current favorite Southerndoe product?
Wow there is so many amazing products that y’all have its hard to pick my favorite one. I guess the one that speaks to me is the “she can hold her own” shirt. That pretty much is me to the T. My daddy raised me to be an independent woman and to pretty much hold my own. I feel that other girls out there should be the same and hold their own instead of depending on others for acceptance. Do and be what you want to be and don’t let anyone hold you back from your success.

Anything else you'd like to share with our readers?
To always follow your heart, that’s the most important thing you should ever do. Some people called me and my husband crazy because we got engaged within 6 months of knowing each other. But it was one of those things of when you know you know and we didn’t see any point in waiting. That’s the best decision I ever made, he is my support system and would not want to share this crazy thing called life with anyone else but him! And life is what you make so go out have fun, raise a little cane and enjoy the life you have! Because it’s your life and you’re the only one who can make it great!

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