Southerndoe™ was born somewhere on a dirt road in the beautiful southern state of Florida. It was spring because I remember the windows down and the fresh air blowing through my hair. My handsome and sweet husband was sitting beside me and we were riding in Mia, our cherry-red 1986 CJ-7 Jeep. Probably to go hunting, fishing, or driving through the mud. I remember somehow we got to talking about our dreams and where we see ourselves in the future. I confessed that I had dreams to create something for girls like me - who love the south, and country music, and are a little rough around the edges, and simply do not care about their nail polish chipping, or getting a little dirty, or praying in public, or eating four pieces of pizza in one sitting. I wanted to create something that would promote a love for the outdoors, for our country and help re-store American traditions. Something that would make women feel comfortable, strong, and beautiful at the same time. A  place where I could share the stories of strong women, businesses, and towns and support others. And that's when it happened- southerndoe™ was born! And she was engraved in our hearts -forever! And I honestly had no idea what she was or where she would lead, but it sounded so good and I suddenly was bursting at the seams to share it with anyone who would listen.

I quickly realized there were so many women out there like me. Proud American, family-centered, community-supporting, God-fearing, country lovin' girls who showed warm hospitality to guests and preferred their boots or flip-flops. Women who didn't mind getting caught in the rain, the feeling of grass underneath their bare feet, line-dancing to a country song in an open parking lot, holding the hands of strangers while praying, or just simply sitting around the dinner table for hours with their family. Women who didn't mind driving off-road, baiting their own hook, or shooting a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Girls who love the taste of whiskey and beer or a night ride down the mountain side with country music playing on the radio. Cut off jeans and mason jars. Cowboy hats and big belt buckles. Sweet tea and biscuits. And the list goes on and on like your favorite county song that's contagious. And soon friends started referring to me as their little "Southern Doe" and it was like it was meant to be. It was true down to my core and I knew I found something worth doing and sharing!


Growing up, I spent many days in the Gulf of Mexico- swimming, fishing, and boating. And I spent many nights on the back of tailgates with friends singing our favorite country music under the orange groves and stars. And looking even further back, my very first cassette tape was The Thunder Rolls by the amazing Garth Brooks. So somewhere southerndoe™ always did exist! But it wasn't until recently that it was God's plan for me to introduce her to the world.

I found myself designing a logo and a website. And soon there-after, friends wanted koozies for their drinks - so I designed them. They wanted decals for their cars - so I designed them. They wanted tank tops for a country concert - so I designed those too. And well, here we are. I'd like to officially introduce to the world, southerndoe™!  Created in the open air and the sunshine, with country music blaring on the radio, an American flag flying in the wind, flip flops on my feet and southern dirt underneath our tires. And where southerndoe™ will go from here, I'm not certain. I've decided to put our future in God's hands and just tag along for the ride. It's been a good one so far! Thank you for loving us, supporting us, and sharing our mission. Because we couldn't have done it without all of you.


Kristen Ostow, founder of southerndoe™

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