Everything we create at southerndoe™ holds some kind of meaning - rooted in our mission and love for the South - and you can almost always count on the owner Kristen Ostow giving each design a name.  If she sees fit, it gets a name. And we don't blame her, because once she names something it comes to life! And here at southerndoe™ we truly believe in producing items that make women come alive. Take for example our doe logo...you betcha it has a name! Her name is Dolly and she stands proud and strong on each item we create, reminding us of our mission: Strength is beauty! So in today's post we share the "meanin' behind 'em" on our first designs:

Our Pony Tail Tank was designed for girls who like to work, be outdoors, and get things done! It is loose fitted around the arms and light so you're comfortable when you're in it. It's also perfect for layering with your favorite flannel. Or wearing on a road trip down to the South! This was the very first item designed by southerndoe™ and it was rightfully chosen as the cover of our 2014 Winter Lookbook. View it here.

Our Boots Tee came to life very quickly after the Pony Tail Tank. Our company was, and will always be, created on a strong foundation of Faith. This shirt proudly represents a love for God above us and a love for Southern dirt beneath our feet. Showing that a southerndoe isn't perfect, but she will sure try her best to work hard and lead by example. These tees are unisex fit and are made for comfort as well.

Our first edition koozie speaks for itself: "she can hold her own." We have left the meaning of this one up to our customers. Whether it means you can open your own beer, or you can bait your own hook, or you can proudly raise your family or run your business - it's up to you! But again, this first edition koozie holds true to our mission: Strength is beauty! And our customers really are beautiful inside and out.

There are so many more designs in the works and we can't wait to show off our items for Spring and Summer! What would you like to see?