Only one week has gone by and we have already shared stories of beautiful women, families, towns, and businesses across the country! These stories and these faces are what inspire us daily and we just love sharing them with our readers. And today is no different as we feature the story of The Girl Outdoors:

photos by Brenna Brashear

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Brenna Brashear, I am originally from Dallas Texas, now Living in Tampa Florida, I am a full time student  at USF and a Radiologic Technologist for HCA!

Why do you enjoy being outdoors?
I enjoy being outdoors because I feel a connection with nature and with God. Nothing can compare to being in a tree stand or out on the water when the sunrises or sets! It puts your soul at ease and changes your perspective.

When and where was your very first hunting experience? 
My first hunting experience was the fall 2009 I believe. It was dove season and my boyfriend Tyler Nuckols taught me everything about Dove hunting the few weeks prior to opening day. I was pretty nervous but once I shot my first bird I was hooked!

So, what was your favorite hunting experience so far? 
My favorite type of hunting is Spring turkey hunting! Since we live in Florida we hunt the illusive Osceola turkey! The first time for me was last year, and we had a friend with some property in west Florida that let us hunt there. Again, after my first hunt I was hooked!...dove who?

 photos by Brenna Brashear

What outdoors sports do you like to do other than hunting?
My favorite outdoor sport is mountain biking! I try to go on the weekends. My friends and I ride Alafia ridge and Balm Boyette scrub preserve in Litha, Florida. It's a great workout and a fantastic way to get out in the woods. I have seen all kinds of wildlife while hitting the trails, everything from gators to wild hogs! 

Where is your favorite place to fish or what do you prefer to fish for?
With out giving away too many of my secret fishing holes, I will just say this, I only fish the flats in Tampa Bay. My favorite thing to catch is Red fish because they are the tastiest! However if you are looking for a good fight I suggest going for Snook!  

How has your faith played a role in your love for the outdoors?
Like I said before, being outdoors makes me feel close to God! If you really stop and pay attention to the beauty of the outdoors - God is all around you! There are so many great verses that have to do with nature, but I really love this one.."For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning." Psalm 30:5

photo by Brenna Brashear

Do you have any hunts or fishing trips coming up that you are excited about? 
Yes! I have a turkey hunt in Arkansas next spring (2014) I'm super excited! Like I said turkey hunting is my absolute favorite!

Do you have any advice or tips for girls learning how to fish and/or hunt?
Be open minded, try everything at least once! I know for women and girls hunting and fishing can be a little intimidating if you are not used to it, but you never know if you will enjoy it unless you try it! 

If you would love to read more of Brenna's adventures outdoors then hop over to her beautiful blog to find more! She has great stories and photographs. Thank you Girl Outdoors for sharing with us!