photo by krystin lee

Krystin is wife to a police officer and mother of two adorable children. She is an amazing person inside and out! But don't let her pretty looks and great style full you - she can rough it with the best of 'em! Here she proudly shares her favorite outdoor memories and pictures:

When and where was your very first hunting experience?
My very first hunting experience was  in Homerville, Georgia where I went on my own in a ladder stand and shot my first deer, a spike!  

When and where was your favorite hunting experience?
My favorite hunting experience was the first trip I took with my husband in Homerville, Georgia on October 24th, 2012. ( my very first hunting experience) It was my first time ever going on a hunting excursion with my  husband and I was determined to get a deer on my first hunt to show the boys how well us females could handle the woods . I will never forget the control I had when I pulled the trigger of the .243 caliber rifle as I aimed and hit the spike . I was so proud and excited to radio my husband that I had a deer down . He was even more proud after seeing the shot I made , stating that it  was "a perfect kill shot. " It was an awesome experience to  have had the opportunity to sit and observe the beautiful woods and environment God had created but was equally  amazing to have shared the experience with my husband. It was also fun showing the boys how a female can hold her own and take down her first deer, on her very first hunt, with independence and accuracy.  

What outdoors sports do you like to do outside of hunting?
Skeet shooting, Off-Shore fishing, Riding ATV's, and Cycling are other outdoor sports I love to do . Although, I am sure there would be many more outdoor activities to list had I the time to try them all!   

How has your faith played a role in your love for the outdoors?
I have been raised in church and have come to know the Lord on a more personal basis as the years pass and I grow more mature and strong in my walk with him. My faith has played an important role in my love for the outdoors in that it has instilled in me a deep admiration and aw for what God has made. I often have the most moments of clarity and peace when I am outdoors taking in all that he has created. When I am surrounded by nature I feel closest to the Lord and perhaps that is why I have such a great love for the outdoors. 

Do you have any hunts coming up that you are excited about?
We may be taking a trip to FOX mountain in Georgia possibly in November/December that I am excited about. I hunted there January 2012 and saw a few nice bucks (6 points at least) while in my stand but was unable to get a good shot due to fog and a lack of feeling in my hands from the bitter cold . I am looking forward to returning there and getting a second chance on the bucks I missed.  

Why do you feel it is important to raise your babies outdoors and teach them hunting and fishing?
I believe it is important to raise your children outdoors because it not only teaches them the ways of the land, conservation, and a respect for God's creations but instills in them a deeper set of life skills such as patience, self-control, and emotional, physical and mental strength. There are just some things that  need to be experienced hands on that you cannot experience behind a TV or computer screen.