I'll admit it - I hate anything tight.

If I have to wiggle to get into clothing, it's not happening! And when wearing my Southerndoe tees, you'll either see it off my shoulders or a size too big. 

So when some of you started asking for a tighter fitting tee, I had sweet friends try on samples so that I couldn't be the judge of them. We began working on the designs, choosing the fabrics carefully so that they would still be comfortable and wouldn't shrink. And would you know I fell head over heels for for them?

Our Retailers were the first to see them back in December. They started calling them "Fashion Tees" and swore to us: "My customers will adore these!!" As always, they sure do know what they are talking about. Your response to them has been incredible! I love seeing all the pictures on social media.

When selecting our Fashion Tees, we kept all of you in mind. We thought about where you would choose to wear them. I pictured you wearing it while next to someone you love - traveling somewhere tropical for Spring Break or driving on a dirt road with country music playing. That's how Shot Gun Rider was chosen. Then I imagined you running errands or grabbing brunch with girlfriends. I'm a Jeans & Tee Kinda Girl was perfect for that! Last, I thought about you spending the day outdoors. I wrote down You Me Outside on a piece of paper. This one made us all giggle. It has become our new favorite to put on a mannequin at shows. The reaction and laugh it pulls out of those who pass by is priceless! Some say it with sass, some find it sexy, and some think it's playful. But all stop - look at their friend - and say something with a smile. What can I say? We like to make a statement. :o)

I'd love to hear more about what you think and see pictures of you wearing them! Be sure to share it all with us by writing thesoutherndoe@gmail.com or tagging us on social media @southerndoe

Sending you a "tight" hug ;)