It’s a Southerndoe Spring!  The weather is warming up and we’re absolutely itching to get outdoors.  Whether you’re looking forward to camping, fishing, or shooting, you should be prepared for some serious F.U.N.  But, also be prepared for anything and everything on your adventures, that includes cuts, scrapes, blisters, sickness, insect bites, the list of “what if’s” is endless!

A first aid kit is often forgotten as the excitement builds for your outing, but you most likely have everything you need stashed away in your medicine cabinet.  So grab an old tackle box, gallon sized baggie, or, our favorite, an old wristlet and get together your first aid essentials and stash it in your pickup’s glove compartment!

First Aid Essentials:

medical tape
hand sanitizer
cold medicine
cortisone (anti itch cream)

Now you’ll be ready for whatever your next adventure throws at you!  What are some of your first aid kit essentials?  Share in the comments!