We love an adventure.  Backpacking, road tripping, cliff diving, oh my!  But sometimes the adventures test us in ways we never expected.  That was the case with our #iamSoutherndoe Amber.  She was spending a semester abroad in Italy last spring when the unexpected happened.  She broke her back while recreationally cliff jumping.  But one year later, after numerous surgeries, ridiculously long screws in her back and therapy, she has healed up and is back to exploring new cities and places.  Strength certainly is Beauty!

How did your accident make you a stronger person?

I would say it made me realize just HOW strong I was. For about 48 hours I was without a phone and completely alone in a hospital in Southern Italy wondering if I was going to be okay. It was obviously a frightening situation, but when I look back on it I remember being unusually calm and certain that everything would be fine. I learned a lot about my faith and myself that week. Experiences such as those are what define us. 

You love to go on adventuring to new places! What trip has had the greatest impact on you?

I went to Honduras two summers ago through a mission organization and stayed for about 2 months. I taught elementary English at the school next store to my tent. That experience definitely shaped who I am today. Life there is so simple, yet so meaningful. To be honest ever since I got home I've been trying to find a way to go back.

What is the best advice you can give to someone who wants to start traveling?

Just go! You can spend your life planning. Don't sweat the small stuff, book a ticket and remember the best things are never planned. 

You always take care of your body with wholesome foods.  What’s your current go to healthy snack?

Oooo this is my favorite question! I've been totally addicted to kombucha tea lately. It's almost like nature's soda because it's fizzy but has some amazing health benefits. In the early 20th century German scientist actually claimed kombucha cured cancer. 

Do you have any big plans for summer?

I'll be living in Philadelphia and interning at an International Insurance company this summer. I’ll have the opportunity to work and talk with doctors around the world on a daily basis so it's pretty cool! I don't think insurance is my future, but hey all experience is good experience! On the weekends I'll be all over the place.  This weekend I'm heading to New York City and later this summer I have a trip to Maine planned and maybe Chicago. Where ever the summer takes me is where I'm going!

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