Marfa is small town in Deep West Texas with a population of only 2,000.  If you’re looking to get some small town Texan culture into your next road-trip, stop in Marfa!  This town in Texas is a go-to for minimal artists and has become a popular tourist destination.  The best part about Marfa is the landscape.  If you don’t live in the mid-west you’ve probably never seen straight up desert.  And this place has desert. (Oh! And some beautiful mountain views!)  While you’re out towards Marfa, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a drive to Big Bend National Park.  Big Bend runs along 118 miles of the border that separates The United State from Mexico.  But beware, if you drive too far you might hit border patrol!   

Where’s a Doe to stay?  Marfa is home to El Cosmico.  El Cosmico is a campsite with a certain “hippie” vibe.  You have the option to rent a teepee, a safari tent, a trailer, or you can just set up your own family tent. They also offer the rental of wood fired hot tubs!  This campsite is dog friendly too! If you camp here you’ll be right around the corner from "downtown" Marfa, there is even a trail to walk into town.  

What’s a Doe to do?  One of Marfa’s biggest calls to fame is the “Prada” art exhibition.  You’ve probably seen photographs of Prada Marfa littering Pintrest.  Prada doesn’t actually run this “storefront” but Miuccia Prada herself picked out the bags and shoes displayed!  This exhibit it about 30 miles outside of town, but its worth it.  Its fascinating standing in front of such a photographed icon!

Where’s a Doe to eat?  Something that's really different about tiny towns like Marfa are the operating hours of restaurants.   Make sure to lookup restaurant's hours to find somewhere that’s open.  Almost everywhere is open only on weekends.  We made our food stop at Food Shark and would certainly recommend it!  Food Shark serves Mediterranean style food, but even if you’re not a fan of hummus, you’ll be able to find something else on the menu to tempt you!  Somewhere we didn’t get to pop into, again due to strange operating hours, but wish we could have is Planet Marfa.  From everything we’ve heard this patio bar is supposed to be one of the best parts of Marfa!  If you’re around on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, they open at 2 pm!

Where are you planning to travel on your summer adventures?