Have you decided upon plans for the Fourth of July?  We’re going to be checking out some local fireworks after dark, but before that our afternoons will certainly be filled with food and drinks (in Southerndoe Koozies of course).  Red, white and blue food certainly is festive, but fruit on sticks is overdone.  We decided to take some doe-spiration from a watermelon salad we recently had!  (By the way, watermelon salads during hot summer days!  Heaven!  You feel totally refreshed after a healthy meal like that!)  And although it might sound strange… watermelon and feta… amazing combination!  The sweetness of the watermelon complements the feta so well it makes us want to always combine the two!  So if you’re in charge of appetizers at your Fourth of July get-together, why not try out this recipe!  Your friends and family will be impressed by your healthy appetizing skills and you'll be keeping everyone strong and full of energy all afternoon.

feta cheese

Cut the watermelon into cubes.  Use a small metal spoon to carve a shallow hole into each cube.  Put a little feta into each hole, this way when folks eat your appetizer, the cheese won’t fall off the watermelon!  Top each cube off with a blueberry and spear the combination with a toothpick to make enjoying these little treats easy-peasy!

What’s your favorite unexpected food combination?