This weekend we’ll be putting on our party hats to celebrate the USA’s Independence Day!  Relaxing, hanging out with our toes in the pool, and having an ice-cold beer is on the agenda!  But there’s nothing worse than rushing around on a holiday morning trying to get everything ready, all while yelling “Honey! I forgot the hotdog buns! You have to go the store!!!!”  So while we can’t promise you’ll remember the hotdog buns, we can promise your décor will look near glorious perfection with these easy-peasy décor ideas! 

Happy Fourth Chalkboard sign… All you need is a chalkboard.  We hand drew our letters to give the sign a simple and chic look.  (And to be honest, we’re trying to save time here right!?)  Signs like these on etsy can cost you a few bucks, so grab some chalk and diy!

Flowers and colored water… If you have food coloring you can accomplish this one easily.  We took some white flower that’s we already had at home and added a few drops of food dye to the water.  And nothing says America like a coke, so we used some old bottles for our vases.  Done!

Stars and Stripes Straws.... Ah the paper straw.  Style, flair, class, and cheap.  Paper straws impress everyone.  We aren’t sure why, but throw some stars and stripes paper straws into a mason jar and you’re in the easy décor business.

Red, White + Brew… A signature drink at a party is a sure way to impress.  It looks pretty and you can make it taste great too.  An easy combination for the Fourth is blue Gatorade (keep those electrolytes up while you party) cranberry juice and some sprite… vodka is optional!  Voila Red, White + Brew. 

You… Wear something Red, White or Blue of course!  And you can always throw a bandana on your pet to for some extra fun.  And lets be serious, the party's not going to be half as fun if you're not there!  As for what we'll be wearing on Saturday, we DIY’ed some stars and stripes shorts, come on back on Friday for the easy tutorial!