Exercise can make you happier than you probably realize!  Taking a few minutes every day to exercise will change not only your body, but also how you view yourself.  We’re fans of all exercise programs.  Zumba… whoo hoo lets dance!  Running… I’ll beat you to the finish line!  Kickboxing… hee-yah, take that bad guys!  (Too much?)  But our current obsession is pilates.  It lengthens your muscles while toning them at the same time.  It's also great if you have previous injuries. This month we are taking the “Doe Does Pilates” series seaside.  The moves are sea related at least, and if you can do them on the beach, even better!  So grab a mat and follow along with this full body workout with just five moves.

Starfish: Start in a plank position and shift your weight to one side so you’re in a side plank.  Lift your top leg and top arm up so you look like a starfish!  Hold for a few seconds and then lower back into the side plank.  Return to center plank and repeat on the opposite side.  Repeat: 3X each side

Swimming:  Lay on your stomach with arms reaching overhead.  Lift both arms and legs “out of the water”.  Lift your right arm up, as you lift you left leg up.  Switch! Remember to pull your abs in and up as you swim like a shark is chasing you!  Swimmmm!


Seal:  Flip over into a seated position.  Grab the outsides of your feet, but with your arms in between your legs.  Think of weaving your hands through your legs and around you feet.  Lift your feet up and balance.  Once you are balanced, bring your head towards your chest and curve your spin.  Rock back to your shoulder blades and then rock right back up into the balanced position you started in.  Don’t let those feet touch the floor!  If you’re ready to take it to the “seal” level.  Clap your feet three times before rocking back and three times before rocking up.  Repeat 8X

Mermaid: Sit with your feet and knees stacked to one side.  Try and get your legs stacked as closely as you can and grab your ankles with you hand (same side as legs).  Lift your other arm straight up into the air.  Stretch over you head and repeat three times, each time getting a little deeper into your side stretch.  For a counter stretch place the arm that was in the air on the mat, palm down.  Bring the opposing arm overhead and you push your hip down (same side as the arm in the air.)  Repeat 3X

Repeat the Southerndoe by the Sea series 3X and you’ll be one step closer to being the happiest and healthiest Southerndoe you can be!