You’re looking forward to your vacation.  The sand.  The sun.  The waves.  But packing what you need can be a little overwhelming!  Besides your bikini and favorite book, what do you really need in your beach bag? Everyone needs different things in their personal bag but today we are breaking down what Doe essentials we have in our’s!   

Sunscreen:  Probably the most important item to bring to the beach.  Sure you want a tan, but is it worth the sun damage you’re doing to your skin.  “Hi wrinkles, you’re here early!”  You should have a an SPF for not only your body, but for your face as well, especially if you’re prone to breakouts.  We love a CC cream with SPF.  And don’t you dare say “but I don’t burn!”  Better to be safe, and if you “don’t burn” what’s a few seconds spraying on some SPF as a precaution!

Water:  Dehydration is real and nothing will ruin your perfect day at the beach more so than passing out!  While stuffing a gallon of water into you beach bag might be a little overboard, at least pack a water bottle or tumbler.  Freeze your water before you head to the beach so you’re staying cool all afternoon.

Baby powder:  Pick up a small travel sized baby powder next time you stock up for the beach.  It fixes the sandy everything problem.  All you have to do is sprinkle a little baby powder onto your sandy bits and rub.  The sand will fall right off!

Baggie for your phone:  There is nothing worse than getting sand into the nooks and crannies of your phone.  You take off your case a few months later and sand is still pouring out.  You can avoid the sand phone debacle completely by putting your phone into a baggie!  Your finger motions will still be caught on the phone through the bag!

Hat and Sunglasses:  Can you tell we are into preventing wrinkles?  Along with lathering our faces in sunscreen, we’re certain to be wearing a hat and sunglasses on the beach!  A. A burned scalp is the worst!  B. You can always throw bronzer on your face to fake that sun glowed skin!  C.  We like having good eyesight! 

What do you stash in your beach bag?