You might see us saying “We Love Our Retailers” pretty often on social media, but it's true!  In the body that is Southerndoe, our retailers are the arms.  They help us get your favorite Southerndoe products directly into your hands.  You can find your closest retailer by checking out the full list here.  Each and every one of our retailers has something unique and special about them, and we want to share something about all of their stories, so today we are kicking off the “Doe Shops At” series!  Each month we will feature one of our beloved retailers!  So lets kick this off!

The She’s All That Boutique in Northern Kentucky is a store with an amazing mission.  Kelly Brake manages the Kentucky store, which opened in June of this year, and is the second She’s All That Boutique to grace our beautiful South.  But She’s All That is no typical clothing shop.  She’s All That provides education and training for students and provides guidance for the long run with their higher education.  The students learn how to interact in a workplace setting and run a business, all while earning a paycheck.  But the students don’t only work in the store.  Giving back and mission work is also a main focus.  During the first year of She’s All That’s original store (located in Alabama) the three student employees were taken to Mexico for mission work.  Anyone who has done work like this knows of the impact it will have on you and your future decisions.   

One of the most amazing things about She’s All That is that after the costs to run the business are paid, all additional proceeds are donated to The Wings of Faith Foundation.  A foundation dedicated to “helping students learn who they are and who they can become with a little faith, hard work & most importantly, support."

She’s All That truly encompasses what being a Southerndoe is about and we are so blessed that they are a part of our Southerndoe family.  Small businesses are doing amazing things to help the world and its people.  So why not pop into She’s All That KY on you next shopping excursion, or any local business for that matter!  

She’s All That KY
2508 Dixie Highway 
Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017
Phone: 859-331-1292
website // instagram // facebook