Dum-duh.  Dum-duh.  Dum-duh.  That was the Jaws theme y’all!  Now what if you’re hearing that while you float in water where you can’t stand and it is completely black below the surface?  That my Southerdoes is “Jaws on the Water”.  Jaws on the Water is a movie event run by Alamo Drafthouse on certain weekends each summer.  Similar to a drive in movie, you’ll watch the class film Jaws while its completely dark out.  The only difference is that instead of being in a car you’re in an innertube as you watch… Scary eh?  But this summer experience is an absolute blast!

Taylor, Southerndoe Social Media Editor, hit up Jaws on the Water a few weekends ago.  But in true Southerndoe fashion she chased adventure all around Texas before this fun event…  

The weekend started off on Saturday morning, bright and early at 8am.  We started to make our way on the three-hour journey down to Austin, TX.  Before heading to our campsite outside the city, we made a stop in one of my favorite small towns, Gruene.  Gruene is a small southern town located within New Braunfels, TX.  It is definitely a “tourist trap”.  (Hint: park in that big free parking lot and be prepared for a little bit of a walk.)  But even with all the tourists, Gruene somehow manages to keep it’s southern charm.  A must stop in this little town is Gruene hall.  You’ll be greeted with cheap beer and live music = perfection.  Also be sure to bring cash, as this local meeting spot does not take credit cards.

After being refreshed and replenished from a Lonestar, we made our way to our campground.  We stayed at Rockin’ R, where you had the option to go floating down the Guadalupe River.  We definitely would have done this had we had more time, but instead of floating we settled for some dippin’ in the cold water, Rolling Rocks, and setting up camp. 

We then made our way over to the Texas Ski Ranch for the big show.  After grabbing some dinner, we pick up our tubes and made our way into the dark and surprisingly deep water!  Watching Jaws while floating was the ultimate movie geek experience.  Luckily, the lake is man-made so I felt a little more secure with my legs dangling in the water.  Once we returned to the campsite we roasted hotdogs over a fire that was expertly crafted out of a used beer can.  #diy!  We then hit our sleeping bags and preparation for the long ride home the next morning.