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Hello, my name is Katelyn. I am a writer and a blogger. I’m a University of Mount Union graduate where I earned my BA in English Writing. I have gone on to write for various websites, but my favorite achievement thus far, is my personal creative lifestyle blog, The Yellow Spectacles. It’s not only a place where I share my creativity, but I often interview and feature other creative individuals and brands.

I am not your typical Southerndoe—as I live in Ohio, but I do consider myself a Southerndoe based by my morals, interests, and capabilities. Manners are something that I feel all true Southerndoes value—I always, no matter the gesture or the gift, feel that writing a “thank you” note on personalized stationary is a must. Never forgetting to say, “please and thank-you” is a ‘biggie’ for me—that and being kind to your waitress/waiter (it’s a hard job! Been there done that!).  

Manners aside, I appreciate nature and being surrounded by simple pleasure too. Two of which are spending time with my two dogs, Riley and Bentley. While being a blogger means sharing lots of fun retail goodies—understanding that some of life’s most important aspects do not have a bar-code. Being active, eating well, creative thinking, & always remembering a moral my grandpa instilled in me which is to stay focused. Being a writer has its perks and romantic daydreams, but it is also hard overcoming rejection and the constant effort to keep putting yourself out there. Really, what being a Southerndoe means to me is to just be me. Focused, kind, visionary, and always polite!

XO Katelyn @ The Yellow Spectacles
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