Name: Danielle Sutton

Planted: Cary, NC

Hey y’all! I just turned 30 at the beginning of October – bye bye 20s! I stay busy during the week with work and going to the gym/exercising. On the weekends, you can find me somewhere outdoors. I am either at a football game, concert, out in the Jeep, at the park with Layla, or spending time with my boyfriend/friends/family.

What makes you a Southerndoe?
I love country music, outdoors, southern hospitality, and the adorable country accents. I also love fried chicken – Bojangles. People in the south are so much friendlier than anywhere else and I love it!


We know you’re a Jeep girl!  What is your favorite part about Jeeping?
The best part about “Jeeping” is being able to take the top and doors off on nice days and ride around enjoying the day/nature. I also love going off roading and getting dirty.  Layla loves going out on the Jeep with the top and doors off also!

What is your favorite Southern tradition?
A Pig Pickin’ with vinegar based (North Carolina) BBQ, slaw, and beans. Oh and can’t forget the hushpuppies… yummy! J

We love stalking your Instagram and looking at pictures of your pup, Layla.  Tell us about her!
Layla is my sweet 6 (almost 7) year old Hound mix. She was rescued from a puppy mill and is now spoiled rotten – not sure how that happenedJ. She loves spending time with her momma and is currently training to be my running buddy. She loves going to Starbucks and getting Puppuccinos. She has quite the personality and loves staring at my wine glasses when I’m drinking wine!

What Southerndoe product touches your heart?
I love so many Southerndoe products – I want one of each! J The one product that touches my heart is the “Chase Adventures” shirt. A lot of times women will not chase after the adventure they want. This shirt reminds women (and people in general) to be strong and chase after your dreams and go for what you want. The other product that I like is Beauty is Strength. Southerndoe puts an emphasis on showing women their worth – Strength is Beauty. A lot of time women do not realize they do have the inner strength to show their natural beauty.  I used to dress to impress others and now I realized that I need to dress to impress myself only.

Anything else you’d like to share with the readers?
I’ve recently gotten into woodwork DIY projects – thank you Pinterest! It’s hard work, but I’m hoping to one day have my own business from the work I have done. I work on signs, repurposing furniture, and making furniture.

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