I am currently cuddled up in my Mistledoe Pullover, have a glass of white zinfandel in hand, and am watching Charlie Brown Christmas, an ultimate comfy night of Christmasy fun.  The only thing missing?  Our giant Christmas tree! 

Each year I try to contain my enthusiasm and hold out until the first weekend in December to head to the lot.  And that means that THIS weekend is THE weekend!  I plan to have a 12 ft. tree in my home by high noon Saturday!   (We live in a studio that used to be a factory, so we have the ceilings to go all out!) 

With that said, it always good to brush up on your tree knowledge before you pick out that most iconic Christmas symbol.  So what do you need to know?  Let's start with the types of trees you’ll most likely find in your Christmas Tree Lot.  

I'm personally partial to pine trees but to each their own!  One of the best things about Christmas is everyone having their own traditions! So now that you have your perfect tree, how do you keep it look its best all the way through New Year's Day? 

Share your Christmas tree with us like these Does did by using #Southerndoe on Instagram! 

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Happy "hunting"! 

XO Taylor @ Team Southerndoe