Hooray! We are so excited to present The 2nd Annual Hall-Doe-Ween Giveaway! Join the Southerndoe Community this Halloween as we all dress up as Southerndoe!

When you share your awesome "Southerndoe" costume with us on Instagram using #southerndoegiveaway you will earn an entry into the Hall-Doe-Ween GIVEAWAY! It's that easy! You have until October 31st at midnight to enter!

What you’ll need: white eye-shadow  // foundation darker than your skin tone (or bronzer) // brown eye-shadow // eye liner // mascara

Add white eye-shadow to your eyelids and below your eyes, down your nose and on your forehead making a mask.  You can use a grease paint for this, but we stuck with what we had. 

Take the darker foundation or bronzer and add it below the mask, around the sides, and on the upper part of your forehead. Blend the edges of the white mask with the foundation.  Add extra white shadow if you need to.

Take a wet q-tip and dip it into your white shadow.  Use the q-tip to make little white spots on your cheeks and forehead.

Add some dark bronzer below your cheekbones for a contour.  This will make your face a little more “doe” like.  

Line your eyes with a black eyeliner.  You can keep it simple or go a little more dramatic.  We added a little wing and pulled the eyeliner in towards our nose, past our tear duct.

Taking brown eye shadow, run a line down the sides of the white shadowed portion of your nose.  

Now for the finishing touches! We used black eye liner on the tip of our nose around the nostrils for a doe nose. Add some nude lips and mascara and you’re ready for Halloween!

We can't wait to see all your Southerndoe costumes!  Good Luck Does!