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Our first featured story is that of 3 Cowboys And A Mommy:

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your beautiful family.
My name is Kelley Baker. I am married to my best friend, Tyler, the owner/operating of TNT Cattle Co.  He is living his dream and our little cowboys and I love living it with him.  God has blessed Tyler & me with two precious little cowboys.  They are both the light of my life!  I am the marketing manager for a large John Deere dealership group, American Implement.  I never dreamed that I would be so involved in the agriculture industry, both in my home life and career, but this is where God has led me and I am proud to be a part, typically in heels I might add. We live in small town Kansas.  I grew up in the Texas Panhandle and graduated from Texas Tech (Guns up!!) so I call myself a Kansas transplant.  I love to spend my time playing with my little cowboys, decorating, shopping, and I am guilty of wasting time watching reality TV (Real Housewives on Bravo, anyone?!)

What is it like being the owner of a cattle ranch? Do you enjoy raising your boys around the ranch? What do you think the benefits are to your boys and family?
Raising cattle and owning a ranch has been my husband’s lifelong dream.  Since he was a little boy his fondest memories come from working side-by-side his grandfather and uncle.  When I met Tyler in high school he won my heart over with his caring personality, he proudly told stories about his family and his beautiful baby blues seemed to help too.  His raising was simple but molded him into such a great Godly man.  My boys are experiencing the same simple life.  They love to help daddy out on the farm.  For them it’s not work – it’s fun.  Our boys aren’t glued to video games and iPad’s.  They want to be outside playing, driving their toy tractors and when we’re inside they’re playing with farm sets. 

Do y'all have a fun family tradition or great story you would like to share about the ranch?
The best family tradition on the farm is my husband’s annual branding.  This is when all the new spring calves are branded, marked with ear tags for identification, vaccinated & castrated.  We always have a lot of friends & family come out to help.  The branding ends with a large meal and social gathering.  It was so good to spend time with everyone.  I know as the boys get older this will be their opportunity to show their friends a taste of cowboy life.  See details here.

How do you balance all your roles: mommy, wife, blogger, etc. Any tips you could share with new mommies out there?
 Finding the balance isn’t easy.  In the end, I think the key of finding the balance is accepting that at times it’s going to be off balanced, and that’s okay.  I have to have help.  We are blessed with the best childcare for our boys.  My husband’s grandmother watches them while we work.  She will tell you that they have filled a void in her heart but to me, the act of her opening up her heart and home to my most treasured jewels is a gift that I will never be able to repay.  The reassurance that your children are happy and safe while you’re working is a must.  My husband and I also make a great team.  He helps out a lot in the home.  I have to give credit to his parents that raised him right.  He knows how to keep a house clean and loves to get in the kitchen.  He is a great role model for our little boys. I blog as an attempt to create a keepsake for all of my memories and can’t think of it as another “to-do”.  My sister is a great scrap booker and I was always envious that she was going to have these wonderful mementoes to share with her kids.  I attempted to scrapbook, invested a lot of money into beautiful books and accessories that remain in their packages.  I just didn’t have the desire, time or space to make it happen.  Blogging has allowed me to keep record of pictures, milestones and my thoughts over the past few years without much effort.  I just wish I would have started sooner.  It really doesn’t take much time.  I typically blog after the boys are in bed and while I’m going through pictures of our week.

We always ask the women we interview how their faith has helped them in their journey - do you have a favorite story, prayer, or bible verse that
inspires you daily?

My favorite bible verse is Philippians 4:4-7 “Do not be anxious about anything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” I have lived ups and downs throughout my life.  When I look back almost every occurrence has shaped somehow and someway into where I am now.  Isn’t it amazing how life plays out?  I have the type of personality that gets worked up easily so this verse is great to have in the front of me at all times – at home, at work…everywhere.  It allows me to take a deep breath, pray and understand that He is in control.  I love life & I love to focus on the positive! 

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