photo by southerndoe™  

We at Southerndoe believe that being "southern" is a state of mind and a lifestyle. It's the prayers we pray and the songs we sing. It's the way we work, love, and treat others. We believe you do not have to be planted in a "southern state" to consider yourself a southerndoe™. But if you ever have the itch to come down and visit, please do! We will always greet you with ice cold sweet tea, sunshine, a home-cooked meal and a place to rest your head!

Because we are so proud of our roots, we have decided to do our best to help promote tourism to the sweet states of the South by working with state tourism groups. We will be using social media and our blog to share special events and perfect vacation spots! We will also be traveling throughout the South and sharing family-run businesses, restaurants, and shops in our Travel Features. On our travel page, you will find links to each of the southern states' tourism websites that are designed to make vacation planning easy for you! And if you are a southern business, make sure you reach out to us and send us your story, we would love to share it with our readers or even stop by and meet ya!