Our travel posts will be dedicated to places we highly recommend you stop by when in the South because we love supporting businesses!  So we are starting our travel post series with a BIG menu in a small town. And y'all. Let's just start by saying: a southerndoe is not afraid to eat! And you better not be afraid to eat if you end up at The Other One!

While spending some time in Tennessee, we stopped in Oak Ridge. Per YELP, one of our favorite food finders, we were taken to The Other One: Diner, Deli, and Dive. Imagine our surprise when we walked into this small but cozy diner to find a never-ending chalkboard of food! We spent more time reading the menu  than we did eating. Each menu item sounds so incredibly yummy that we just could not choose. But have no fear! No matter what you choose, you'll be a happy camper. The Chef Jimmy Long is "renowned for his creative combinations of spices and sauces." And it shows!

Our favorite? The Mowie Wowie Burger! First, because of the creative name and second, because wowie it was delish! This burger holds 1/3 pounds of meat, topped with mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onion, teriyaki, pineapple, and cheddar cheese! (Is your mouth watering yet?) We requested a large size of curly fries and a couple root beers and we were as happy as pigs in the mud! With the cost of the burger being only $4.50 and the fries being $1.55, this was one of the best small town finds we have found to date! The Other One is a happy and relaxed diner. You do not have to get dressed up - they prefer you as you are!  It's the perfect place to bring the kids or grab a bite when you're passin' through. The Other One also offers outdoor seating for when the weather's nice. We were able to watch a storm roll in while we ate. Nothin' like a southern thunderstorm to relax you or send you running! But this storm was small - unlike our appetites. And not a single crumb was left for the taking. So when in Tennessee, make sure to stop in. We are pretty sure, you won't be disappointed!


Historic Grove Center
178 Randolph Rd
Oak Ridge TN 

Sunday 10:30- 3pm
Monday 10:30-4pm
Tues- Fri: 10:30AM - 8PM
Wednesday and Saturday: 10AM - 8PM

Website: http://www.theotheronediner.com