Today we feature a beautiful family from West Virginia! Stacy is a mama of two and wife to an avid hunter. They are a true example of a loving American family and Stacy does a great job of keeping up with the boys in her life! Just like that good ol' John Denver song, today Stacy "takes us home" to her life in the country.

Tell us a little bit about you and your sweet family:

I am a stay at home mom to two boys Karson (4) and Kipton (3). My boys are 16 months apart and I wouldn't have it any other way. My husband is a River Boat Pilot on the Ohio River. We actually live in West Virginia, but close to the Southern side of Ohio and it only takes about 30 minutes for him to cross over into Ohio. He has worked on the river for 15 years and is now a Pilot where he drives the barges loaded with coal around and transports them to trains, docks, and other barges. We like to think he is helping keep coal in our area! I have a Elementary Education teaching degree but, it has proved us many times that my heart is at home with my boys for now.

What are the benefits of raising your boys in the country?

3 years ago, we built our dream home on 5 acres in West Virginia. Our first 5 years of marriage we lived in a subdivision. I knew I wanted out of that area as soon as it was possible financially. We saved and saved and built our dream home. We think living in the country brings such a bond between the brothers. They don't have any other kids to play with besides each other. At first I worried about this, but it was the best decision. I don't think they would be as close if they were surrounded with other kids to play with. They HAVE to play with each other and explore outside. My boys are HUGE outdoor boys. We normally turn off our TV between April-August because we never watch it. We are OUTSIDE! They are such workers just like Kevin. We all split firewood to sell, raise chickens, have a huge garden, hunt, fish, and take daily hikes around our property.

Why is hunting important to your family and how are you teaching your boys to be responsible hunters in the future?

My husband has always been a big hunter, but living in a subdivision he would have to find a place to go and buy a license for that particular state, tags, and taxes. Now, that we have our own property it is so easy to go out our back door and hunt. We now go as a family. We do eat all of the deer meat and our boys love deer jerky, chili, and the spaghetti sauce with deer meat in it. We are HUGE on gun safety. Kevin has taken multiple gun safety classes, and has taught the boys early on about guns.

How has your faith inspired you as a mommy and a wife?

I am so thankful that God has blessed our life with what we have been given. Without him, we would NOT be where we are today. As a mom of two boys close in age, some days PRAYING is all that is needed to get through those hard days of parenting and discipline.

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