Name: Kristen Adams
Planted: Texas

My name is Kristen Adams (formerly Blaney) and I live in Austin, Texas.  I was born, raised and lived in Tampa, FL for 28 years until I met the love of my life, Dustin K. Adams and married him in May 2013.   When I lived in Tampa, I enjoyed competitive cheerleading, canoeing, living in SoHo, going to the beach, tailgate parties, walking on Bayshore Blvd., Gasparilla,  country concerts and some good ole' muddin with my girls deep in Lutz.  I went to Tampa Catholic, Gaither High School, and then to the University of South Florida where I graduated in 2007 with a degree in Criminology.  I have now worked for the Social Security Administration for five years and enjoy a career in the Federal realm.

My husband is from Athens, Texas (Deep East Texas) and is now an Environmental Scientist in Austin.  We met while in Athens at the VFW while I was visiting family.  He has known my family for 15 years so we were bound to meet eventually.  We knew we couldn't be apart.  He was just so cute and handsome with his camo hat, blue jeans and boots!  Once married, I received a transfer from my employer from Tampa to Austin in June 2013.  


The way of the South is just a part of me.

I am 100% a Southern girl (yes, I capitalize Southern).  Now, in Austin (also known as the Hill Country), I enjoy discovering some new backroads, listening to live country music at honky tonk bars, rodeos, exploring the caves and springs as well as floating down the several rivers central Texas has to offer.  

I don't think this question would be complete without mentioning my role model, the one individual I believe that has shaped me into the woman I am today.  My grandmother, Billie Henderson, of Plant City, Florida.  She is actually from East Texas (which is how I met my husband) and she actually taught me how to fish on my own at the age of five off the docks in Maderia Beach.  We have spent countless hours fishing, playing cards and walking on the beach together.  She taught me how a woman can be right by her husbands side, but also be her own strong individual.

I believe I am a Southerndoe because I am intelligent, classy and career driven by day...yet fun, silly, rugged and don't mind gettin' a lil dirty sitting on a tailgate at night.  I am a classy lady with some spunk and spontaneity. I love what southerndoe stands for and also the feeling I get when I wear the clothes or hold a koozie.  It's a proud feeling.  I feel proud of my Southern roots and proud to be who I am. I love the saying "Time to Drink Beer and Dance on the Tailgate".  I love that shirt for all types of days!  It is great for Florida or Texas football tailgate parties. rodeos or any country concert. My favorite outdoor hobbies are swimming, tubing, fishing and sometimes shooting guns in the back 40.

I love being in Texas!  I love the state pride that Texans have! I think we have three of the six different flags of Texas from the states history hanging in our place and we plan on having more. Texans are extremely proud of where they come from and don't mind showing off their state (Which was once it's own Country). I remember when I first moved from Florida to Texas, my husband bought me a Texas flag emblem to put on my car immediately. Texas also has many secret spots that are beautiful.  My favorite in Austin is called Hamilton Pool.  It's unlike any pool.  It is actually a grotto that even includes a waterfall.  It is unlike anything else I have ever been to in the United States.  It seriously feels like you are on vacation somewhere far away!