photo credit Rob Michael Photography
Name: Emily Sykes
Planted: Florida

I did not grow up in the South, in fact, for most of my life I was known as a Yankee, although the Yankees are my favorite baseball team. I love me some baseball, among other sports, even though I grew up in the north I loved southern hobbies. I would ride my dirt bike daily, rebuild my Camaro after school and work, and go shooting. I moved to Florida after my husband and I finished our military careers. I met my husband in basic training for the Army; he was my best friend and then became my husband, Thank you Jesus. I was in love with him from the moment I saw him.

Southerndoe embodies everything a female soldier should be. “Strength is beauty” is a saying that touches my heart deep down. In the Army male and female are all the same we wear the same uniform, perform the same duties, and are both held to the same standards. External beauty is not a factor in the Army. As a former Soldier and now a Veteran I can with all honesty tell you ladies that strength is beauty and strength is a virtue that all women should possess. Southerndoe and her founder are the essence of feminism and strength and provide the perfect example of how southern women can balance both and live a life of happiness.

The military taught me how to draw upon strength to obtain success and perform my duty as a Military Police Officer for the United States Army. The obstacles in life sometimes seem unsurpassable, but truth is inner strength and that drive to conquer enables us to do anything. When I think of a Southerndoe I think of inner strength that is so commanding that everyone sees the beauty of that woman. I see myself as a strong woman and as a Southerndoe.
Southerndoe has so many amazing products to allow me and fellow Southerndoe’s to wear our strength and to be comfortable while doing so. The boot t-shirts are the perfect touch to enhance my inner and outer beauty. I find myself continuously smiling as I sport the Southerndoe line. I feel pride when I wear Southerndoe and it allows me to share with other strong, beautiful, and driven women how they can feel the same pride and comfort I do.

I wear my Southerndoe gear whenever I am fishing, kayaking, shooting, and exercising. I love my Southerndoe products and cannot wait to see what else is coming.