If you love the southerndoe deer as much as we do, then you'll love our idea to add a southerndoe decal to your brand new agenda, planner, or calendar for the upcoming school year! We found the Monthly Calendar pictured above at Target and then added the southerndoe decal to the front of it.

If you are a Retail Partner, the southerndoe decal looks great on your storefront window. And if you are a Customer, the decals are perfect for your car window. Being that southerndoe was founded in Florida - we experience a lot of hot, muggy days and thunderstorms. In true southerndoe fashion, our decal seems to withstand it all.

So what are you going to add your decal to? Be sure to share it with us on Facebook or Instgram by hashtagging #southerndoedecal and tagging us @southerndoe. Or you can email us the picture and we will be sure to share it. We love seeing pictures!