Sweet tea is a Southerndoe staple.  Nothing is more satisfying on a hot southern day than a mason jar filled to the brim with ice and the classic refreshment.  But did you know that you could easily up you sweet tea game by using sweet tea vodka?  

Essentially, you can mix sweet tea vodka, water, and fresh squeezed lemon into a tumbler, shake and pour and you’ll have a revitalizing, in more than one way, beverage.  But if you want to show off your Tom Cruise Cocktail skills, test out our Southerndoe Strawberry Sweet Tea "Doe"tail!


5 ounces lemonade 
1.5 ounces of your favorite sweet tea vodka (we love Mothers)
Sliced strawberries

Mix It:
Fill a tumbler with ice and add the lemonade, vodka, and strawberries.  Shake!  Pour into your favorite ice filled mason jar and garnish with strawberries.  Drink up!