How many glasses of water do you drink a day?  Three?  Maybe four?  Chances are you probably aren’t drinking enough.  One of the easiest ways to keep your body strong and free of toxins is by staying hydrated.  But exactly how much water is enough?  A simple rule of thumb is to take your body weight in pounds and divide by two.  That number equates to how many ounces your body needs per day to stay hydrated.  Lets be honest though, it’s hard to stick to plain water when there are such tasty juices and sodas lurking in every vending machine around every corner.  Announcing a way to enjoy the best of both worlds… infused water!

It’s easy to make your own infused water.  Grab your favorite fruits or herbs, toss them in a pitcher and top with water.  Let the water infuse overnight.  In the morning you’ll be ready to meet your daily water intake goals!  By adding fruit to your water, you’re not only adding flavor, but the vitamins and minerals from the fruit as well.  We love drinking our infused water out of our “She can hold her own!” tumbler.  The tumbler holds 20 ounces, so you’ll be able to meet (and exceed) your daily water goals without a problem!

We whipped up three infused water combinations in the Southerndoe Kitchen that are sure to satisfy not on your taste buds, but your body’s needs as well!

Strawberry + Basil:  Basil doesn’t seem like something you’d like your water to taste like but when combined with strawberry the flavor is spectacular!  You’ll definitely want to let this combination sit in the fridge overnight to really get the flavors brewed.  As for, “why Basil?” Basil helps reduce stress and will keep your skin clear while the strawberries can help your burn off stored fat.

raspberry + lime: Raspberry is high in Vitamin C and lime contains calcium and folate.  These three vitamins are a few of the most important to aid a woman’s health, making this a much-loved combination around our office.

lemon + cucumber + mint:  This combination in one word…refreshing!  Lemons are great for the body in too many ways to count, especially when it comes to the digestive system.  Cucumber releases toxins from the digestive system while mint is a digestive aid.  If you’re looking to reduce bloat for that swimsuit this summer, mint + cucumber + lemon is the infused combination is for you!

What herbs and fruits are you going to use in your infused water?  Share with us in the comments!