Strength is Beauty.  We strive to be strong.  We strive for strong bodies.  We strive for strong minds.  But in a world filled with airbrushing and instagram filters it’s easy to falter.  To let our minds wander down the path of I’m not good enough, I’m not pretty enough, I’m not smart enough.  But if you’re reading this you are a Southerndoe and those things couldn’t be any further from the truth!  Today we are sharing five traits the most confident Does possess and hope you use our easy to implement tips to improve your self-confidence, self-love and strength.

She doesn’t Compare Herself to Others:  “A flower does not think of competing with the flowers next to it, it just blooms.”  What would a field of wildflowers be if they were all the same?  The beauty lies in the diversity and differences.  Every Southerndoe is unique and embraces it.  Instead of comparing yourself to the women next to you, compare yourself to the woman you were the day before.  Laugh harder, smile bigger, and love yourself more than her.

She Takes Care of Her Body and it Takes Care of Her: Adding exercise and wholesome foods to your life triggers brain responses that make you a happier and healthier person!  Add small and simple changes to your life to get the endorphins flowing, like parking at the back of a parking lot on your next grocery trip (while at the same time avoiding the horrors of finding a spot right up front).  Or why not add an extra walk around the block to your pooch’s daily routine?  Small and simple also applies when adding healthier foods to your life.  We love to replace candy bars with Luna protein bars and soda with infused water.  

Goals Guide Her on Her Path:  Rome wasn’t built in a day and becoming the stronger, more confident woman you want to be won’t happen overnight either.  (Darn!)  Implementing small goals and sticking to them can keep you on track towards becoming the woman you want to be.  Make goals to exercise more, be kinder to your amazing body, or friendlier to your neighbors, and stick to them!  If you fall off track, there is always tomorrow.

She uses Ten Minutes to have Ten Times the Confidence:  This advice can come off as shallow, but its true! We all feel confidence flowing through our veins when we’ve taken the time to style our hair, or put on a pair of earrings to add a little shine to our look.  Mornings can be crazy, you’re not only rushing to get yourself out the door, but often times your family as well.  Try to wake up ten minutes earlier and use that time to make yourself look great.  You’ll instantly feel more confident than if you had hopped out of bed and ran out the door.  And we promise that after a few days, the slightly earlier wake up call will worth it!

She Searches for what She Loves about Herself:  Look into your mind and mirror and find the things you love about yourself, whether that be your ability to take care of others or the strong legs that carry you throughout the day.  Love those attributes everyday and let the ones you don’t fall away.  When you focus your mind on what you love about yourself it will shine through and people will notice! 

Have a great weekend and don't forget to hold your head up high and let that confidence radiate!  Happy Friday!