Summer is the season for BBQs, pool parties, and sporting events.  And after a long day of running around, we certainly can become as cranky as a toddler.  That’s why keeping a few healthy snacks in our bag is a must!  While we love chocolate protein bars and string cheese as healthy snacks, stocking those in your pretty purse, when its 97 degrees out, could cause quite the mess…   Instead why not keep a few of these summer-proof snacks in your bag.


Turkey Jerky: While we wish we were always able to eat fresh jerky… homemade from a dehydrator.  Mmmm.  But, it’s just not always an option.  Instead, we like to pick up Trader Joe’s jerky.  They have several options but turkey is certainly our favorite.  Its easy to divide up into baggies to keep your bag!  Jerky is high in protein but low in fat = the perfect snack!

Coconut Almonds:  These come in individual snack packs, perfect for keeping track of those calories while staying full!  And don’t worry the coconut flavor isn’t overwhelming, but certainly adds a taste of summer to your mouth. 

Freeze Dried Bananas:  While we love banana chips, freeze dried bananas are the way to go.  Banana chips often have oil on them, as well as a sugar coating.  Freeze dried fruit is fruit only!  So it’s a great way to get all the goodness of a banana in a compact way!  Freeze Dried fruit comes in a ton of options so just pick your favorite fruit type and toss a few pieces in a baggie. 

Fruit and Nut Lara Bars:  Lara Bars is run by one of our favorite companies.  They encourage recycling and their bars are only made with a few ingredients, skipping a ton of chemicals that are in other snack bars.   A plus?  They’re tasty too!  They offer several different flavors and are available right at Target in the vitamin aisle.

Sesame Honey Cashews:  These are a serious guilty pleasure and don’t last very long in our house.  What can we say… we’re nuts about nuts!  The mix of honey with sesame seeds adds some texture to the cashews, which your taste-buds will certainly enjoy.  And guess what?  Cashews have ZERO cholesterol!  You can pick the Sesame Honey Cashews up in the nut aisle at Trader Joes.