Whether you’re headed to the pool, out to dinner, or to a backyard barbeque, these DIY Stars and Stripes shorts will instantly give you a festive look that folks will notice.  They say “Fourth of July!” without being too “Look at me!” and you can easily transition these into your rotation of jean shorts.  Our drawers were filled with old shorts so picking out an older pair for this project was no problem, but you can also grab a pair from goodwill. 


You only need a few supplies for this project.  First you’ll need some red and white paint.  (You can use fabric paint, but we just stuck with good ol’ acrylic paint.  Even after washing, the paint was still on the shorts and just looked a little more rustic.)  Also, you’ll need some masking tape.  Oh and your shorts of course! 

On one side of your shorts, lay down a few rows of tape.  Paint either red or white first.  While the paint dries, add stars to the other side of your shorts.  We drew a few stars on a post-it and cut them out for a stencil.  Remove the masking tape from your striped side and paint the opposing color in the blank spots where the tape was.  Allow your upgraded shorts to dry overnight and you’ll be ready to rock these tomorrow!

So why not scrounge through your drawers and DIY these Stars and Stripes shorts this evening with your best friend.  You can relax while you rest up in preparation for the Fourth!  And if you need a few extra decor ideas, we have some easy and cheap ones right over >>> here!  We hope you have an amazing holiday weekend!

Happy Fourth of July and God Bless America!