Let's face it.  You most likely want to be tan, especially if you’re heading to a beach vacation in the upcoming weeks.  But something really scary that comes with the “tan” territory is the increased risk of developing skin cancer.   Skin cancer is something that is way too real and can happen to anyone.  

But the good news is the number of amazing sunless tanners on the market today is astounding.  You can chose between mousses (our personal favorite), creams, lotions or sprays.  So there are zero reasons you can’t lather up with 50 SPF and be perfectly sun-kissed at the same time.  But there are three self tanner laws that you must abide for the perfect streak-less tan. 

Sunless Tanner Law #1:  Exfoliate.  This step is so important and often forgotten.  When you apply tanner onto unexfoliated skin, you’re more likely to end up with a patchy tan.  You wouldn’t apply paint to a sandy canvas, so don’t do it to your gorgeous skin.  And guess what you probably have some “exfoliant” right in your cabinet, try raw sugar to skip the chemicals.

Sunless Tanner Law #2:  Dry Patch Prevention.  Grab your favorite lotion and rub it on your feet, ankles, knees, hands, palms, wrists and elbows before grabbing your tanner.  These areas tend to be driest and will suck in that sunless tanner like a hummingbird sucking down nectar.  And nothing looks more like a fake tan than orange palms!

Sunless Tanner Law #3:  Moisture.   Once you have taken your first shower and rinsed off any sunless tan residue, keep your tan looking fresh with moisturizer.  Apply it everyday for the longest self-tan possible.  The moisturizer will also prevent an uneven tan as the tan fades.

Now you’re ready to rock that gorgeous tan on the beach and don’t forget to put on some sunscreen!