Adventuring. Going new places and meeting new friends.  Coming home can be bittersweet and that’s why we love having a little “adventure” worked into our home décor.  Enter these pretty DIY adventure magnets.  These fun little pieces are DIYed from bottle caps and will give a modern edge to your kitchen style.  (Not to mention they’re easy peasy to make!

What you need
bottle caps
small magnets
printed maps of your favorite cities

Print out small version maps of your favorite cities.  We love using  You have the option to print black and white maps, standard atlas maps, or even watercolor maps, and for free y’all!  Grab your bottle caps and use it as a stencil to trace a circle around your city.  Cut out the circle, you might need to trim it down so it fits inside the bottle cap.  Glue your map inside your cap as well as a magnet on the back of the cap.

Now display your adventure bottle caps proudly.  We love corresponding what we hang with a corresponding city magnet.  It makes this fun project more of a personalized art piece than kitchen appliance!