The roadtrip.  The ultimate way to see multiple places, do different kinds of activities, andspend countless hours with your car-mates.  Oh, and the plot of so many teen movies (I know you saw Crossroads, don’t’ deny it!)  Now go turn on “Don’t Stop Believing" by Journey (the ultimate roadtrip song) while we throw down the list of Roadtrip Essentials for any Southerndoe!

Car charger:  Chances are you are using Google Maps to guide you on your journey and you listen to Journey.  And that app literally sucks the life out of your phone.  Keep your phone fully charged in-between your roadtrip stops with a car charger.

A positive attitude:  Bring it.  A long road trip can definitely cause tension when you’re trapped in your car for hours on end.  When someone gets frustrated just smile and keep laughing.  It will spread and keep everyone in your roadtrip group happier!   

Snacks:  Traffic can be unpredictable.  You had dinner plans at 5.  Now its 5:15.  You’re in standstill traffic.  People are getting out of their cars to stretch.  All you want is a hamburger and you’re still 45 minutes away from where you were supposed to grab dinner.  Now you’re even more anger about traffic because you’re hungry = HANGRY!  You get it.  Be prepared for “hanger” to attack with some snacks!  These summer snacks, will keep you happy and full and won’t melt!

Spare tire:  Make sure your spare tire is ready to go, just in case it needs to roll up to the plate!

First Aid Kit:  We can’t recommend this one enough.  You never know when someone will need a band aid, some ibuprofen, some motion sickness meds.  We keep a small first aid kit fully stocked and in our glove compartment at all times, and we use something from it at least every trip.  We made our own first aid kit using a wristlet.

Wherever you head this summer, enjoy the adventure!  You never know where a roadtrip can take you!