Sometimes wandering around your hometown with your best buds can lead to the most exciting adventures, not to mention those adventures often times makes your pocketbook a teeny bit happier.  But those really, really big adventures… the ones you’ve spent ayear planning for?  Now those adventures are probably going to cost you a penny or two.  And lets be real, life is expensive!  Groceries, keeping your home cool during these hot summer days, your dog getting bit by a rattlesnake… okay, we hope that last one doesn’t happen but you never know!  Life can certainly cut into the extra money that you thought you’d have by now!  The only solution?  Saving.  Boring, I know. 

Thanks why we’ve taken the boring-ness out of saving and turned it into a fun Doe DIY.   Southerndoe presents… The Adventure Jar!  These fun adventure jars keep your savings on display and remind you to put those extra pennies to good use!  (Oh and they’re easy to make but look adorable!)

What you need
Twine or Ribbon
A positive attitude

Just kidding on that last one!  Write the adventure you’re saving for on each tag and use the twine to tie it to your jar.  Badabing!  Let the saving commence!

What adventure are you saving for?  Share in the comments!