Photo by Southerndoe

Its here.  Can you believe it?  Today is Labor Day!  Labor Day is not the “official” end of Summer (that’s not until September 23rd), but for most, today signifies the end.  Kids are back in school and we are ready to drink a Pumpkin Spiced Latte (PSL for short!)  But besides walking in the summer sand for one more time, what is Labor Day even about?  I’ll admit that I didn’t know until I took some time to research it’s meaning a few days ago.  Obviously it had something to do with workers but… uh, that’s as much as I knew… so we’re making it easy for you and giving you the 411 on what Labor Day is all about!

-       Labor Day started as a demonstration demanding rights for workers.  On the first US Labor Day, 10,000 works took an unpaid day and marched in New York City.
-       Labor Day became a national holiday in 1882 as a special holiday just for workers.
-       In 1880, right before the inception of an official “Labor Day” a typical workday for an American was 12 hours!
-       Labor day originated not in the US, but actually in Canada!
-       Why Monday?  Labor Day is always celebrated on a Monday as a way to extend the weekend for workers!

We hope you get to spend this Labor Day with lots of family and friends!