Christmas season is officially here.  So why not hop in your car and head to the mall, fight over a parking spot, stand in line for thirty minutes to get that tee for your little sister, and get shoved around as you try to get on the escalator.  Oh wait, I forgot.  That part of Christmas isn’t fun!  Wouldn’t you much rather curl up with a furry blanket, put on How the Grinch Stole Christmas and wrap gifts that were delivered to you door.  Yes, please!  Oh and throw in a cup of hot cocoa, we love hot cocoa.  And a fire, if you have a fire place light a fire.  Okay now, we are ready!

Today we want to share our favorite gift combinations.  Four different kinds of Southerndoes, four perfect gift ideas!  PS: Leave us a comment with what your favorite combination is!

The Jeepin' Southerndoe The Jeepin' Southerndoe

Jeep Hair Don't Care Longsleeve // Jeep Hair Don’t Care Tank // Jeep Hair Don’t Care Koozie // Essie: Mint Candy Apple

The Southerndoe Huntress  The Southerndoe Huntress 

Hunt Like You Only Prettier // Camo Hat // Camo Koozie // Essie: Leggy Legend

The Adventuring Southerndoe The Adventuring Southerndoe

Chase Adventure V-Neck // Everyday I’m Travelin’ Tote // Dance on the Tailgate Koozie // Essie: Groove is in the Heart

The Southerndoe who Fishes The Southerndoe who Fishes

Scoot over this Girl Can Fish // Fish Like You Only Prettier // Dance on the Tailagate Koozie // Essie: Make Some Nosie

Happy Holiday Shopping!