Hi y’all!  I’m Taylor, the Social Media Editor here at Southerndoe!  If you follow our story on Instagram and here on the blog, you’re interacting with me!  (And most likely with my dog, Jake, too!)  I answer all your questions on social media, take product photos, and am lucky enough to be the designated “pinner” on Pintrest! As for who I am… I’m a campfire kinda girl.  Nothing makes me happier than cuddling up around a bonfire or in a tent with my boyfriend and puppy.  You know when you wake up in a tent and there is that morning dew on the windows… I don’t feel more at peace than those morning moments! I live for adventure.  Spontaneous adventure that is!  I used to be a hardcore planner and would get anxiety if I didn’t have a plan when going on a trip.  As I’ve grown, I’ve learned to let go of the planner in me and have loved the adventures that come from NOT having a plan!  Unexpected new friends and new places make me a happy Southerndoe!