Name: Kirstyn Hewitt

Planted: Franklin, Tennessee

I am a young married, athletic, Christian woman who loves to travel and try new things! I was born & raised in Middle Tennessee and for about 2 years I have worked in my husband’s family owned garden center in Franklin, TN. I grew up a very picky eater, but with some encouragement through our dating years, my husband has encouraged me to try new foods & now I will try almost anything you put in front of me! Trying new restaurants & traveling to new places is one of our favorite things.

We know you’re a Southerndoe that hunts.  How old were you when you started, and what made you pick up the hobby?
You would be surprised! I played every sport that my dad could throw me into, but he did not grow up a hunter, so I wasn’t even introduced to hunting until I was 20 years old! My now husband told me that if I didn’t like to hunt, then it was going to be a “deal breaker”. So of course (to impress him), I went on a few gun hunts with him when we dated, but didn’t get into archery until our first year of marriage & now I’m HOOKED!

Who is your role model? 
Easy- My parents! My dad, He has always taught me to “Go for it!” No matter what lied ahead of me & to not be discouraged by the many hurdles I might have to cross to get there. He has the strongest work ethic & determination of anyone that I know. He turned 53 recently & is competing in his first full Ironman next weekend! Talk about DRIVE! Any competition that I won or lost, as long as I gave my all, he was always there cheering me on with open arms ready to embrace me tears & all!
My mom, she’s the ultimate ‘Super Mom’. She is an extremely successful business woman who works in a field with mostly men. She’s confident and beautiful & she gives the best hugs! She’s calm & collected & knows how to hit a problem right where it hurts. I’ve always strived to be that confident!

What tradition are you looking forward to most this holiday season?
Oh man, I am such a sucker for the holidays! My favorite Thanksgiving tradition (along with many other Southerners) is shooting guns after dinner at my in laws house with all of my brothers & sister in laws! Almost everything about Christmas is my favorite; however, one memory that happens almost every year makes my heart swell! Sitting by the fire at my childhood home with warm cookies, hot chocolate, with Christmas music playing, reading Twas the Night Before Christmas next to my closest family is my ultimate holiday tradition!

What is the biggest adventure you’ve experienced so far?  
MARRIAGE! Being 24 & married, some people would say that I’m nuts. I would say that I am lucky to have found my life-long teammate so early to explore & do life with! He has been my best friend, my teacher, my most frustrating obstacle, one of my biggest encouragers, and my leader. Two years into marriage & we definitely don’t have it all together, and we’re still trying to figure each other out, but we learn new things about each other every day. We call ourselves #teamhewitt on social media & to our friends & family. Our current adventure we’re tackling together is a home renovation & that right there y’all is tough.

Anything else you’d like to share with the readers?
Be yourself!! Break away from the norm. Do things you’ve always wanted to do, even if you think you might fail. I would rather live a life “failing” a few times than to live a life of “What If’s”. Ask that boy out. Wear a makeup free face to work. Go to Europe. Eat that donut. Be you.

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