There's something about whiskey during the winter, it just matches ya know?  Now you could be a hardcore Southerndoe and go for whiskey on the rocks, or you can add a little holiday zest in the form of Gingerale!  We’ve recently become obsessed with whiskey, except for mommy to be Kristen of course.  Whiskey + Ginger is an easy cocktail to impress your guests with and did I mention it's easy?

If you have a Trader Joe’s nearby we suggest you pick up a few bottles of their holiday Ginger Ale.  It comes in a festive bottle so it looks fancy, and it has a bit of citrus pop to your cocktail.Recipe:

1 ½ oz. of your favorite Whiskey
Ginger ale

Pour whiskey into glass and top with gingerale.  Add a cherry and sprig of green to add some holiday class to your cocktail.  And for the night you'll be “Fueled by Whiskey and Christmas Spirit.”

Cheers to Happy Holidays!